Sunday, June 3, 2012

Daily 5 and Cafe Books

I have been in love with these books since Mrs. Bainbridge introduced them in her classroom blog a couple of years ago. At the beginning I couldn't implement them because of the time that I spend with my kids (only 3 hrs a day) and then there was the problem that I didn't have the books!!!!!

Thanks God for internet, I was able to find both of them on the net, I didn't like reading them this way, but it was that or nothing, so well finally last year a friend brought them to me, I was really a happy girl.

And now some incredible and very talented ladies are joining efforts to start a study of these two amazing books. They are so into it that even created a blog so we can join together and exchange ideas, they have everything already worked out, with schedules and all. 

Hop to We Read, We Blog, We Teach to join us, I'm sure we are going to have tons of fun. Wow, I'm really excited, I can't hardly wait. Thanks a lot for all your effort, see you in July!!!!