Saturday, July 7, 2012

Product Swap

Mrs. Stanford came with a great idea, to swap products from our TPT stores, she will find you a partner and you are going to swap products, but you must print, laminate, and even work with them, grab a kid into the process. How Cool sounds that!!!!! I leave you more info:

1. Email  (it is still ok for people to email... I'll send them to the form :)

2. As soon as you receive a swap partner from Jessica please email them immediately with the product name that you would like to review from their store.

3. After receiving the product from your swap partner print, laminate (if possible), and/or create the product. Take pictures throughout the process if possible. Make the product look its best!!

4. Write and schedule a review of the product blog post for August 1 at 12:00 noon EST and once it posts link it to the linky that will appear on

5. The post should include (but should not be limited to):
- a button to the blog of the creator of the product at the top of the post
- a picture of the product with a link to their tpt store
- a few pictures of the product put together/being 'used' ( i know most of us aren't in school, but even if we fill it out or find a kiddo to do it would be great)
- a raving review to draw new buyers to their store!